Could it be that teachers are talking more about pronunciation? Are we seeing the beginning of a shift?

A shift from “This pron stuff is mysterious and difficult and elusive and endless…”

And towards “Hey! If you approach it differently this pron thing is pretty straightforward, doable and FUN. And although it is EVERYHERE, there isn’t a whole lot to it…!”

I seem to have noticed a lot more online interest in pron recently, and I have certainly found myself involved in many more pronunciation talks, workshops, demonstrations and courses this year.

Yesterday I did a pronunciation webinar for Macmillan ELT which you can see again here next week when it’s been processed. I’ll put the link here. (It will also take you to other webinars from the likes of Carol Read, Pete Sharma, Scott Thornbury, Vaughan Jones and others….)

And there has been a lot of response to the pron webinar for example at elt-resourceful and at Carol Goodey’s blog, and at eltchat

Tomorrow (10 Nov) I am doing two sessions on pron at the English UK Teachers Conference, and on the 14 Nov a full intensive Teacher Training Day on pron at English UK in London.

Next year I will be running two one week pron teacher training courses in the summer, at Oxford University and Cambridge University (link coming shortly)

Does anyone else have the impression that pron things are on the move…? Or is it just a funny dream I’m having?