Master pronunciation with Practices and Quizzes using the well known Pronchart.

FIRST CAME ….. the FREE EDITION with British English chart, tap for the sounds, and tap and hold for the words. This appeared in June:

The pronchart in interactive app form, four skills, practices and Quizzes

AND NOW….. the PREMIUM EDITION. Available for both Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and Google Android devices. The Premium edition is priced at £3.99 / $5.99 and is available from the iTunes store and the Google Android store.

It features these facilities:

PRONUNCIATION CHART and MAP. Choice of British or American English Sound Foundaions chart
> Tap any symbol to hear the sound
> Hold the symbol to hear the word

WORDS 650 high frequency words, up to 4 syllables, containing all the sounds in all possible positions (beginning, middle, end) See the spelling and the phonemic symbols, tap on the word to hear it, press record and say it yourself, press play to listen to your own pronunciation.

PRACTICE Select Read, Write or Listen mode, respond to each of the words presented to you in random order by typing the spelling if you see the symbols, typing the symbols if you see the spelling, or hearing the word then typing the symbols.

QUIZZES Choose Read, Write or Listen, select your practice sound and play for lives or against time, listtening to the words and respondong on the QWERTY  keypad  or the Phonemic typrwriter

PHONEMIC TYPEWRITER Using the chart as a keypad you can type words in phonemic symbols and copy into other applications. Also use QWERTY key pad for writing

MORE includes:
— INSTRUCTIONS for all the different apptivities
— SETTINGS Choose between two Sound Foundations charts: British English and American Engliash. All material is separately recorded by native speakers of that accent.
— PHONETICS Top Ten Tips for Teachers, and Top Ten Tips for Learners and a specially recorded video “Guided tour of the chart” with me, and a one hour teacher training workshop