Hello everyone,

Now that nothing is getting back to normal, I’d like to draw your attention to some unusually interesting and (I think) innovative summer teacher training programmes. There is full information at the links. If you decide to come, let’s make sure we have some time together and good conversations.  Hope to see you,   Adrian

Training courses with Adrian Underhill, July – August 2022

Pronunciation and storytelling: From phonemes to fluency

3 July for 2 weeks face to face at Bell Teacher Academy Cambridge



The English Language Teachers’ Summer Seminar

24 July for 2 weeks face to face. At Oxford University. Tutors: Adrian Underhill, Jon Hird, Hania Kryszewska, John Hughes, Shaun Wilden, Chia Suang Chong



Pronunciation, Performance and Poetry

8 August for 1 week, face to face at International House London



Pronunciation, Performance and Poetry

15 August for 2 weeks online, with International House London