2-week pronunciation teacher training course- Pronunciation and Storytelling: from Phonemes to Fluency. Bell Teachers Campus, Cambridge 3 – 16 July 2016

Explore new approaches to pronunciation

Explore new approaches to pronunciation learning. Develop practical ways to integrate pronunciation with all classroom activities. This pronunciation teacher training course provides a complete practical overview of the Sound Foundations approach to pronunciation. It includes continuous practical work, micro teaching and feedback. Push back the conventional boundaries of teaching and learning sounds, words and connected speech. See how sounds are embedded into words, which are in turn embedded into connected speech. Learn how to use this in your teaching. See how connected speech serves the personal expression of the speaker. Use this insight to motivate your learners.

Constant practical activities and exploration

Explore the speaker’s choices of intonation, sentence stress, pause, silence, voice tone, body movement, gesture and delivery. Enhance personal presence while speaking. In the second week we will use short stories learnt by heart, and spoken from the heart, and told slightly differently every time. This provides the opportunity to rehearse and speak with personal meaning, allowing pronunciation and prosody to serve our personal presence, performance and presentation skills. This way we and our learners can create a quality of intelligibility that is engaging, touching.

Bring language to life, and life to language

This Teacher Training Course exploits the physicality of pronunciation to bring language to life, and life to language. Pronunciation motivates!

Pronunciation teacher training

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