Different Voices: One-day IATEFL PronSIG pronunciation event is organised and presented by IATEFL PronSIG and hosted by the University of Brighton
Plenary speakers: John Wells & Adrian Underhill
Venue: Falmer Campus, University of Brighton
Date: Saturday 8th October 2016, 10 am – 5 pm

Different Voices is a one-day pronunciation event for teachers of English working in a variety of contexts. It has two distinguished and expert plenary speakers:

John Wells is Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at UCL. His books for teachers include the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, Sounds Interesting and now Sounds Fascinating.

John’s talk is entitled, Don’t be frightened of intonation! From the abstract: “English has a rich intonation system, but one that can seem daunting … We should concentrate on those teaching points  that can readily be understood and learnt.”

Adrian Underhill is a past President of IATEFL and author of Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation.  In current work, he is exploring the role of improvisation, playfulness and intuition in learning.

Adrian’s talk is entitled, …somewhere in the air, floating, not reachable… From the abstract: “Sixteen teachers of English (with 9 mother tongues) met with me this summer to explore a methodology of physicality [for teaching pronunciation.] … We will explore and review some of the activities they developed.”

In addition, there will be twelve 45-minute talks and workshops given in three parallel tracks by teachers of English who are expert in pronunciation work.

The cost of Different Voices: One-day IATEFL PronSIG pronunciation event is £50 (or £30 for PronSIG and IATEFL members).  Please register through the IATEFL website http://secure.iatefl.org/events/

For enquiries, please write to Wayne Rimmer at PronSIG@iatefl.org