I have been developing new approaches and techniques to share with you in the 2018 teacher training workshops. Details below. Hope to see you!

5-day intensive: Getting pronunciation out of the head and into the body

3 – 7 June 2018 Pharos University English Language Centre, Alexandria, Egypt    

Bring language to life with pronunciation! This is a hands-on training programme of “doing pronunciation” involving working on sounds, words and connected speech for yourself and for your teaching. You will develop your understanding and insight into pronunciation and how it works in your muscles, breath and voice, learn new teaching and learning techniques, receive practical guidance and tips on how to integrate it into all classroom activities, do micro teaching and relate all of this to your own teaching style. A few places remaining Full Information

2-week intensive: From pronunciation to storytelling: a complete approach to comfortable intelligibility 

2 – 14 July 2017 Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge, UK

Open to anyone with an interest in the practical aspects of pronunciation learning and teaching. Practical training in a range of new approaches for working with sounds, words and connected speech, the requirements for enjoyable self expression, and the full integration f pronunciation with every classroom activity. Final week prepares you to tell a story by heart in our mini story festival!. All details here at Bell Teachers Campus

2-week intensive: Integrating pronunciation without extra time or materials

22 July – 3 Aug 2018 Oxford University Part of the English Language Teachers’ Summer Seminar

During this workshop you will: Try out unique and original ways of developing your pronunciation and fluency; Apply the techniques in your own teaching; Discover unexpected enjoyment in a playful and adult approach to mastering sounds and rhythms; Learn bow to integrate sounds, stress and fluency into every grammar and vocabulary activity; Integrate pronunciation without taking extra time and without needing materials!

A few places only remaining Details here I will also run a course in Coaching in ELT during the same programme

1-week intensive: Pronunciation and Performance:

6 – 10 August 2018 International House London.

Develop your own pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech. Learn to feel and sense what you are doing in your mouth so that you can critique and change your pronunciation as much as you wish, and help your learners to do the same.  At the same time, enjoy a complete workout with the Sound Foundations chart, get constant feedback and support, gain confidence, and personalise a range of teaching techniques. At the same time develop your performance skills through presentation and storytelling, to bring about listener engagement and enjoyment through your use of stress, intonation, voice tone, pause and fluency and body language. Details here.