24 May 2012 – Macmillan Education is delighted have won the ELTon award for Innovation in Learner Resources with the mobile application Sounds: The Pronunciation App at the inspiring ELTons award ceremony in central London.

The British Council Innovation Awards, or ELTons, are annual awards for the ELT sector and recognise and celebrate outstanding new English language teaching products.

On winning the award, Digital Marketing Manager Matt Kay emphasised the importance of Sounds having been recognised as a new step forward in English language education:

‘We’re absolutely thrilled to have received this prestigious award from the British Council for the Sounds app. The feedback from users of the app has been fantastic, and it’s great to see this recognized by the ELTons judges. We always knew that there was real potential with the recent developments in mobile devices for producing a tool that could really help students and teachers with the sometimes tricky topic of English pronunciation.’

Sounds: The Pronunciation App is based on the best-selling Macmillan title Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill. As a mobile App, it helps students and teachers study, practise and play with English pronunciation wherever they are.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App is available as a free or upgraded premium version on both Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as well as on all Android devices. The App includes an interactive phonemic chart, vocabulary wordlists in British and American English, quizzes and practice tests.

Adrian adds: It was a most enjoyable evening, and not only because of the prize. For information about the other entries and winners have a look here.

And to see a 60 second video of what the SOUNDS app does, click here