Get pronunciation out of the head … and into the body!

June 3rd – 7th 2018, English Language Centre, Pharos University, Alexandria

Every lesson is already a pronunciation class beginning to end. Join this programme and see how to exploit this insight to your students’ advantage You will be actively learning every moment of this inspiring hands-on 30-hour training programme:

  1. Discover from the inside how pronunciation works in your muscles, breath and voice,
  2. See how to change sounds and find and make new sounds outside the L1 range.
  3. Discover through your own proprioception and physicality the muscles that make the difference to sounds, stress, unstress, connected speech, and … intelligibility. Develop techniques to help your learners master these insights.
  4. Learn to use the pronunciation chart as a map to guide learners and teachers through the entire territory of sounds, words and connected speech.
  5. Discover from the inside how speakers distribute energy across every utterance to provide the characteristics of English stress, rhythm and intonation, and learn some quick win techniques for developing comfortable intelligibility
  6. See how to integrate pronunciation fully into every class activity by surfing pronunciation on all grammar, vocab and connected speech practices. Integrate pronunciation even into reading and writing activities.
  7. Use pronunciation to fix and retain new language, and to bring life to language use in the classroom.
  8. Work on the particular pronunciation challenges facing your own students, and develop practical solutions to try out in class,
  9. Collect a personal toolkit a of new pronunciation interventions, suited to your personal teaching style, with which to upgrade all aspects of your learners’ pronunciation. Work towards easy intelligibility in speaking and listening … and confidence in self expression.

There will be hands-on practical work throughout the programme including one to one, small group, whole group, microteaching, feedback, advice and Q&A sessions. Also a personal project for each participant.

For the purpose of this programme the primary aim of pronunciation work is comfortable intelligibility of self expression through connected speech.

June 3rd to June 7th, 2018, English Language Centre, Pharos University, Alexandria

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